NEW WAY OF EVANGELIZATION (Youths on Social Networking)

Nihil Obstat (Nothing contrary to the faith): Rev. Msgr. Andres S. Valera, S.L.L.

“Man, by nature, is a social animal,” claims Aristotle on the last paragraph of the ninth chapter of his book entitled the “Nicomachean Ethics”. If man is a sociable being, he would want to share his thoughts with his companions. Facebook and Tweeter, among others, are online social networking community where people can socialize. Therefore, they are not contrary to our very being for these technologies help us to be sociable.

Moreover, Youths of today are normal human beings that need to communicate and interact with their surroundings which are vital to their development both in human, communal, and spiritual formation.

Some may say that these kinds of social networking are very impersonal. We cannot see or touch or feel the person on the other side of the line. But that is only partly true. In using these modern way of communicating, we interact to the very person we want to converse or socialize with. We only use them as means and ways to bridge pieces of information necessary for evangelization.

The Church herself recognizes these Social Communications as beneficial and a good avenue for evangelization.

The Vatican Council II urges the Church “to read the signs of the times” for these too, reveal the message of God and indicate the unfolding of the history of salvation under the Divine Providence.

Following are the benefits of Social Networking. First, it helps the Church to reveal herself to the modern world. Second, it fosters dialogue within the Church. Third, it clears opinions and attitudes to the Church contemporaries.

During His life on Earth, Jesus Christ showed Himself to be the perfect communicator, while the Apostles used whatever means of communication were available in those times. Therefore it is necessary that the same message be carried out by means of Social Communication that is available today. The message remains the same, only the means changes. Jesus proclaimed through the birds of the air. Today we can Tweet the gospel. God has ordered the Church to give men the message of salvation “in language the people can understand” and involve herself in the concerns of man.

On the “Decree on the Means of Social Communication” (Inter Mirifica: Chapter I, Paragraph 2), it is stated that “it’s the Church’s birthright to use and own any of these media which are necessary or useful for the formation of Christians and for pastoral activity. Pastors of souls have the task of instructing and directing the faithful how to use these media in a way that will ensure their own salvation and perfection and that of all mankind.”

Nevertheless, Social Networking, by its very nature is for the good of humanity. Thus, Youths of today will not suffer damage as they use these forms of Social Communication in a Christian’s perspective. Rather, these forms of Social Communication can be like the proverbial salt and light – they add flavor to the earth and beacon to the world. The name of the Lord will thus be glorified by these modern innovations as it was in the former times by the masterpieces of art; as the scriptures said, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrew 13:8)


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  1. Everything is very open with a clear description of the challenges.
    It was truly informative. Your site is useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! It will be my pleasure if you’ll do your round on the site. Also, feel free to comment on other topics and/or suggest topics you’d like me to write about. Just comment your suggestions under the OPINION at the top of this page. Thanks again. 🙂

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