Do We Grade Exams?

Why do we have to give rates or grades to a TEST/EXAM…

Aren’t they made to check whether we learned or not? So why do we have to put grades in them?
Okay, let’s give into it… Let’s say it’s necessary to put grades in them…

But isn’t it necessary too, to give grade and evaluate the teacher who gave the exam? ‘Coz there are teachers who really enjoy giving difficult exams and being delighted when their students fail their tests… Isn’t it an implication that he/she who gave the exam is a failure him/herself? For that means, she has not taught well. No one understood the lesson…

Now let’s go back to the discussion on the students taking exams. Can we blame them now for failing the exam given by a kind of teacher mentioned in the previous paragraph? Do you think it is just to give grade, and rate that exam?

After all, if we rate or evaluate the examinee, we should also evaluate and attest the credibility of the examiner….

no offense to teachers… but this is a reality that a we have to consider and perhaps to ponder on ourselves… as teachers, we should help our students understand the lessons and not to delight saying, “haha… ang hirap talaga ng test ko. hindi nasagot ng mga bata… wala pa rin akong kupas magpa-test!” Just so you know, if you continue being such, you’ll soon grow into a teacher (of course including your exams) that not just MOST but ALL students HATE!

Remember this: Teachers touch lives and affect eternity.Try to break the conventions… Make a change! Make good impressions! Raise the dignity of teachers in the eyes of the students. Stop being Bossy… Start being a Buddy!


About harksarmiento

Filipino. 27. Licensed Teacher of English. Writer. Leader and Team-builder. Speaker. Affiliations: PALT, Inc. (Active Member); PNU Manila (MA ELE); ONHS Main (English Department). Areas of Interest: Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Languages, Music, Politics, and Religion. Inclinations: blogging, watching movies, writing, reading. Hobby: badminton. Personality: Passionate, straightforward, tenacious.

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