Friends Never Turn As Enemies

They say that “Best friends are the worst enemies..” But I don’t agree with this… Come to think of it.. What is our weltanschauung (world-view) of a friend? Isn’t it that they are our alter egos? Are they not the very people who know almost everything about us?

Therefore if these people whom we call friends UNDERSTAND our inner most being; if they know who we truly are; if they really learned how to love both our positive and negative sides, they will not grow as our enemies. They will not turn to as someone who dislikes us…

If they really are friends, they will not cease liking and loving us ’till the end for the sole reason that they accept and love our totality; our very self..

“It is when they prove otherwise that we will come to realize that they never became our friends ever.”

This is the reason why I could bravely say,
“Friends stay forever.”
But if they prove otherwise, if they cease, if they turn as our enemies, therefore we could arrive at the conclusion that
“They WERE never our friend at all.”


About harksarmiento

Filipino. 27. Licensed Teacher of English. Writer. Leader and Team-builder. Speaker. Affiliations: PALT, Inc. (Active Member); PNU Manila (MA ELE); ONHS Main (English Department). Areas of Interest: Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Languages, Music, Politics, and Religion. Inclinations: blogging, watching movies, writing, reading. Hobby: badminton. Personality: Passionate, straightforward, tenacious.

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