In our lives, we always see idols to whom we pattern almost everything we do and say. We try to imitate these idols of ours and esteem them with high regards.

In my life, I also considered idolizing some people and make them as inspirations in my life’s journey.

As a lover of Philosophy, I incline to the works of Nietzsche, and Heraclitus, who said that everything is in a constant flux. I love Morrie Schwartz‘s aphorisms too.

In politics, I like how Judge Marilyn Millian performs her duty, especially in “The People’s Court”. I also admire Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago as she brightly give her part as a member of the Philippine Senate. These two women’s wit and brilliance are very notable.

As a pious Catholic, my primary Idol is Jesus. His life and teaching emanates inwardly into the very core of my soul. Next are the friend Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and the late Pope John Paul II.

I always loved to read from the theological articles written by Dr. Marcelino D’Ambrocio in Crossroads Initiative.

Among the many actors and actresses over the globe, I have a discriminating taste in choosing my idols. Emma Watson is my epitome of beauty and the word sexy. She once said that her idea of sexy is that “the less you reveal, the more people can wonder.” On male actors, I admire Jonathan Bennett specially when he played the leading role in “Van Wilder: The Freshman Year”. His facial expressions and the way he speaks gets me. I also like the way Lee Min Ho performs.

On music, I have a finer taste too. I love operatic and choral singing. I love listening to mellow and pop. I sometimes like the totally different genre of rock music and Gregorian chant. Following are just some of my idols in music: Rock Music – Gang Badoy (I should note too, that before I knew Gang Badoy, I am very prejudicial about Rock music). On Religious Music, I love Bukas Palad Music Ministry and the soft angelic voices of the LIBERA Boys Choir. On choral singing, nothing can beat my expectations of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. I admire also how Lea Salonga performed in “Miss Saigon”, and how Celine Dion sang My Heart Will Go On.

On wisdom and integrity of a teacher and a gifted child, no one could ever replace Mikaela Irene Fudolig in my idol’s list.

In arts, I love Leon Keer‘s street painting and Willard Wigan‘s Micro Sculpting. In photography, I admire how BJ Pascual capture the scenes and his models.

On writing, my idols are, of course my friend Ben Loory, my father (in writing – not biological) Ricky Lee, Eric Wilson especially in his book “Fireproof”, Robb Skidmore, Alan Elsner, Charles Dickens, Paulo Coelho, Kahlil Gibran, and Nicholas Sparks.



About harksarmiento

Filipino. 27. Licensed Teacher of English. Writer. Leader and Team-builder. Speaker. Affiliations: PALT, Inc. (Active Member); PNU Manila (MA ELE); ONHS Main (English Department). Areas of Interest: Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Languages, Music, Politics, and Religion. Inclinations: blogging, watching movies, writing, reading. Hobby: badminton. Personality: Passionate, straightforward, tenacious.

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