Virus Foolishness and The Saving Site

I was startled when a virus penetrated my computer system. Thinking that connecting my external hard drive won’t affect it with the virus, I plugged it hesitantly. When Kaspersky Anti-virus prompted to scan my device, I did. But what startled me even more was when I finished scanning. When I checked my drive, all the folders were gone. When I checked the properties, for I thought that the folders were just hidden by an unknown cause, I found out that my assumption was correct.


I tried to show the hidden folders by clicking Tools> View Tab> [i checked] show hidden files and folders. To my surprise, IT DID NOT WORK!!! My files are there hiding somewhere. I tried everything I found on the net about showing hidden folders but most of them are just as hopeless as my hard drive. I am no longer positive to recover them and I started planning to just reformat it. But thanks I didn’t. I found something interesting that says “All folders in external hard drive are hidden [Solved]‎”. I followed the instruction and BOOM! My files are there again.


on “Start” –>Run–>type cmd and click on OK.

if your hard drive is G:, Enter this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.*


Note: Be patient. Wait until the command promt exits on its own. When it exits, check if your real files showed up. As they do show up, delete the viruses by scanning, transfer your files from the shortcut folder made by the virus [if only there is any] to a new folder.


 Just another lesson to learn: If you have a virus foolishness, do not let these viruses penetrate your system. But if they do due to some unavoidable and unexpected circumstances, I hope this blog could help you just as the it helped me solve my problem.


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Filipino. 27. Licensed Teacher of English. Writer. Leader and Team-builder. Speaker. Affiliations: PALT, Inc. (Active Member); PNU Manila (MA ELE); ONHS Main (English Department). Areas of Interest: Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Languages, Music, Politics, and Religion. Inclinations: blogging, watching movies, writing, reading. Hobby: badminton. Personality: Passionate, straightforward, tenacious.

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