Reference: Baraceros, E., 2016. Practical Research 1. Manila: RBSI


Types of Research

  1. Based on Application of Research Method


Pure Research

This type of research deals with theoretical issues and aims to increase one’s understanding about certain concepts, principles, or abstract things.


Applied Research

This type of research seeks to find ways in answering practical issues, solving certain societal problems, and making positive changes in the society.


  1. Based on Purpose of the Research


Descriptive Research

Aims at defining or giving a verbal portrayal or picture of a person, thing, event, group, situation, etc.


Correlational Research

Shows relationships or connectedness of two factors, circumstances, or agents called variables.


Explanatory Research

Elaborates or explains not just the reasons behind the relationship of two factors, but the ways by which such relationship exists.


Exploratory Research

Its purpose is to find out how reasonable or possible it is to conduct research study on a certain topic.


Action Research

Studies an ongoing practice of a school, organization, community, or institution for the purpose of obtaining results that will bring improvements in the system.


  1. Based on Types of Data Needed


Qualitative Research

Requires non-numerical data, which means that the research uses words rather than numbers to express the results, the inquiry, or investigation about people’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, views, and lifestyles regarding the object of the study.


Quantitative Research

Involves measurement of data. It presents research findings referring to the number of frequency of something in numerical forms (i.e. using percentages, fractions, numbers).




Primary data

Obtained through direct observation or contact with people, objects, artifacts, paintings, etc.


Secondary data

If the data have already been written about or reported on and are available for reading purposes



Activity 2: On Types of Research


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