She vouched for and made me one of her dances during her debut. I was late. But she still managed to dance me… Oops! I managed to dance her, rather. Hehe.

She knows that I am forgetful. She bought me a planner as a Christmas gift.

She wanted to make my birthday special. She bought me cake and waited for I-don’t-know-how-long with Edward (the one that got away) at the Plaza. Time was short but I appreciated her even more.

She was disappointed with a guy. She asked me to just dine at The Beanery. For that reason we got the picture posted here. 🙂 Maybe after tonight, she will get disappointed of me, too, for not greeting her properly for her birthday today. :p


I wrote this character sketch because I can’t think of a gift for her birth anniversary today. Hope she won’t get mad after reading this or embarrassed.

Marj and I met in TDel in 2009. She told me that there is a proper date but I really can’t recall anymore. As I said, age has made me forgetful. Hehe.

I used to call her Heart. It’s a nick I gave her after an afternoon show featuring Heart Evangelista as Marjorie. Hope you got the play of names.

Anyway, she was one of the prominent and promising young girl in TDel when we were there. She has a nice smile and a really friendly aura. She’s easy going and fun to be with. I feel comfortable around her.

What made me like her more is her sincere interest to know me. I love people who wants to be with me and stick with me. If that’s the case, I stick with them too and become their friend. So I did. We became close friends. Even up to now, I consider her as my closest girl friend.

Marjorie is the kindest, prettiest, simplest, and brightest girl I know.

Marjorie’s sincerity and trust in me is very moving. She’s interesting. She’s adorable. I even tell my students, “She’s beautiful.” Yes. I tell her in my class. Sorry Marj, well at least now you’ll know I talk about you. But rest assured that I only say what’s best about you and all are positive and to your best interest. Hehe. 🙂 You’re free to scold me after reading this.

Moving on, I think she’s thinking that I will not greet her today because I forgot her birth date. Honestly, I don’t memorize dates. I only know two dates now – my own birthday and my sister’s death anniversary.

And by the way, to prove to you Marj’s sincerity and heartfelt warmth, she was there at my sister’s wake. She was not one of the people who failed my expectations.

Marjorie is someone who will always surpass your expectations. People who know her, know it.

Waah! Now, I want to say more things about this girl, but I’m running out of time. So let me wrap this up with a request. Since she’s too busy with work (GOSH! I USED TO BE THAT!), I’ll let her decide on the date and time and place where we can meet up again and eat together, and drink together, and talk a lot about our lives and catch up. I’d be waiting. She knows all the means to reach me.

So officially,



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Filipino. 27. Licensed Teacher of English. Writer. Leader and Team-builder. Speaker. Affiliations: PALT, Inc. (Active Member); PNU Manila (MA ELE); ONHS Main (English Department). Areas of Interest: Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Languages, Music, Politics, and Religion. Inclinations: blogging, watching movies, writing, reading. Hobby: badminton. Personality: Passionate, straightforward, tenacious.

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