I am what I experience

My neice asked me to explain to her my understanding of “I am what I experience.” I don’t claim expertise of the subject but here is what I answered:

We have already heard the saying, “we are what we eat — because naturally, what we eat becomes part of our body.”

In a similar fashion, “we are what we experience” means that as we make meaningful experiences everyday, these experiences become part of ourselves — of our personalities, our belief systems, and pur humanity. Our learnings from our daily encounter with people and the society make us the people we are now. We act and do certain things, for example, because they are guided by our prior learnings from our previous experiences. 

For example, a person may be strong because of the hardships s/he has experienced in life. A person may be careful and cautious in choosing his/her friends, because maybe s/he has encountered false friends before. Our present self (or actions) are somehow guided by our past experiences.

Therefore, in sum, “I am what I experience” means that I am honed and molded into the person I am now by my daily life experiences.


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  1. The godlike Robert

    The meaning of life is the experience of it. Living creatures we call beings and this is contrasted by non beings like rocks and such. It seems rocks do not experience sensations.
    It may be that beings and non beings are necessary to each other and go together like top and bottom, up and down, front and back. And do beings experiencing the universe may be as necessary to a complete universe as is non being.

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