Meaning of the Official Seal of Bataan


My grade 3 nephew asked me to explain the meaning of the symbols used in the official seal of the province of Bataan. I tried googling for the answers using “official seal of Bataan meaning” as search word but in vain. The official website of Bataan doesn’t also give a hint.

Until I’ve come upon this website: which features a book entitled “SYMBOLS OF THE STATE: Republic of The Philippines” published in 1975 by the Bureau of Local Government under the Department of Local Government and Community Development.

Meaning of the Official Seal of Bataan

According to the ‘Symbols of the State,’ the meaning of the Official Seal of Bataan is as follow:

  • Flaming Sword – the Flaming Sword of Bataan, symbol of the bravery of our soldiers during World War II and the guerrilla movement that followed later.
  • The three golden stars – represent the three geographical regions that contributed their sons in the bloody resistance of World War II.
  • Red Panel – depicts the battles fought in Bataan and in the country.
  • Blue Panel – depicts the peace of the night that followed.

Now, my nephew has an answer to his assignment and all Bataenos know what their provincial seal signify.

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Bureau of Local Government. (1975). Symbols of The State: Republic of The Philippines, p. 188-189. Retrieved from


Seal of Bataan Meaning



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  1. Elmalyn S. Mudlong

    Hi thank you! I also had the same problem as yours browsing about the meaning of the official seal of Bataan until I got here! Wheww! What a relief! Thanks again!

    • No worries Miss. They say that if you can’t find the book you are looking for, it’s time for you to write it. When I could’t find it online, I tried writing this one to make it available for all.

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