About this Blog

Now that you are reading this, I would like to express my gratitude to you, my readers. For it means that you have already spared your valuable time to reach and read my blog. With that, thank you!

I always say that “I’m a friend. So don’t expect me to flatter you. Rather, expect to see yourself as in a mirror!” As I expressed in the header, all of us has our own blind spots; and we need someone to show it to us. I created this blog to share to you my aphorisms, ideas, sentiments, and WELTANSCHAUUNG (German: world-view). I want to express my ideas freely and let other people think of the things that we often neglect; things we often do not see because they are on our BLIND SPOTS.

Join me continuously in my journey in unveiling and bringing light to our blind spots. Help me improve this blog by writing comments. Suggest some topics that you think would be interesting, and I’ll try my best to write something about it.

Together let’s blog! Together let’s MARK D’ SPOT!

  1. I’ll bite. Especially when it involves bringing light to darker places. From illumination to Illuminati, I appreciate others positivity and perspective. Following…

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