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BOYCHOIR: Essential Questions

For: Grades 9 & 10
1. Is it possible to immortalize yourself? How? Use the film as reference to your answer.
2. Who are the static and dynamic characters in the film? Prove your answer by providing evidences from the film.
3. Explain the line “I have no hope in any other than you.” How do you relate this message in the film?

For: Grade 10 only
4. What is utilitarianism? How is it applicable/presented in the film? Cite instances in the film to support your answer.


Royal Noble Consort Suk of the Choi Clan

Just finished watching the final episode of Dong Yi [동이]..
What i learned about the life of the Royal Noble Consort Suk of the Choi clan [숙빈최씨] is that:

“a man will be bright/radiant, and successful when he has great intentions and great heart.”

Walang Iba by EZRA Band (No One Else)

I wasn’t aware that a text message I was reading is a song.

At first I thought that it was just another boring quotation on love.

However, when a friend told me that it was his favorite song, I immediately looked for it in the internet.

I found out that it is another amazing Filipino Song. I’m very particular when it comes to music. I have a discriminating taste that made me like Filipino Bands less. However, this one made an impact. It did not only catch my attention by its lyrics, the tune and harmony also made it unique and appealing!–6fqzrPbSQ